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Here you will find up to date news, information regarding Retiree benefits, new Retirees, deceased members, Veteran's benefits, and more.

The following are the results of the election held April 15, 2014 for delegates to represent UAW Local 10 at the 36th Constitutional Convention in Detroit:

DELEGATE:     Willie Monroe, Jr.


In Solidarity,

Kathy Fowler                                    Claude D. Willis III
President                                         Recording Secretary
UAW Local 10                                   UAW Local 10

The election for the UAW Local 10 Executive Board will be held:

     Date:   Tuesday, May 20, 2014
     Time:   9:00am until  2:00pm
     Place:  Retirees Meeting
               Comfort Inn
               2001 Clearview Avenue
               Doraville, Georgia 30340

All members in good standing, including Retirees, are eligible to vote for the Executive Board. Members will be asked to present a Local 10 membership card, driver's license, or some form of photo identification at the polls.

Run-off if necessary will be held:
     Date:   Tuesday, May 27, 2014
     Time:   9:00am until 2:00pm
     Place:  To Be Announced Later

In Solidarity,

Kathy E. Fowler                      Claude D. Willis III
President                               Recording Secretary
UAW Local 10                         UAW Local 10

Local 10 is sad to report the passing of former Atlanta Area Director Clarence Williams on April 12, 2014.  Brother Williams was a well respected leader in his community, and will be sorely missed. Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home is in charge of funeral arrangements. For more information, please call (404) 758-1731.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Clarence Williams.

These vehicles are made in the United States or Canada by members of the UAW and Canadian Auto Workers (CAW).  Because of the integration of United States and Canadian vehicle production, all the vehicles listed that are made in Canada include significant UAW made content and support the jobs of UAW members.

When purchasing one of these models, check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A VIN beginning with "1" or "4" or "5" identifies a U.S. made vehicle; "2" identifies a Canadian-made vehicle.

Not all vehicles made in the United States or Canada are built by union represented workers. Vehicles not listed here, even if produced in the United States or Canada, are not union made.

Buick Lacrosse
Buick Verano
Cadillac ATS
Cadillac CTS
Chevrolet Corvette
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Malibu
Chevrolet Sonic
Chevrolet Volt
Chrysler 200
Chrysler 200 Convertible
Dodge Avenger
Dodge Dart
Ford Focus
Ford Focus (Electric)
Ford Fusion*
Ford C-Max/(Full Hybrid/Electric)
Ford Mustang
Ford Taurus
Lincoln MKS
SRT Viper

Buick Enclave
Cadillac Escalade ESV
Cadillac Escalade/Hybrid
Chevrolet Suburban
Chevrolet Tahoe/Hybrid
Chevrolet Traverse
Dodge Durango
Ford Escape
Ford Expedition
Ford Explorer
GMC Acadia
GMC Yukon/Hybrid
GMC Yukon XL
Jeep Compass
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Patriot
Jeep Wrangler
Lincoln Navigator
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Chevrolet Silverado/Hybrid**
Ford F-Series
GMC Sierra/Hybrid**
Ram 1500*

Chevrolet Express
Ford E-Series
GMC Savana

Buick Regal
Cadillac XTSs
Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Impala
Chrysler 300
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Charger

Chevrolet Equinox
Ford Edge
Ford Flex
GMC Terrain
Lincoln MKT
Lincoln MKX

Chrysler Town & Country
Dodge Grand Caravan
Volkswagen Routan

Vehicles marked with an asterisk (*) are produced in the United States and another country. The light duty (LD) crew cab versions of the vehicles marked with a double asterisk (**) are manufactured only in Mexico; other models are made in the United States.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Clyde Johnson. The Medical Benefits Trust provided nurses for blood pressure screening. There was a lot of participation and we kept the three nurses pretty busy.

J.C. Phillips gave a report on the Atlanta area and Local 882. Kenny Bradford reported on the CAP Conference in Washington. Jimmy Hyde spoke on the outcome of the Volkswagen election. The UAW has filed an appeal and Volkswagen management has also spoken out against outside interference in the election.

The membership voted to send the executive board to the retiree conference in Treasure Island, FL. We will be sending delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Detroit in June; also we will be electing officers for both the Local 10 Retiree Chapter  and Local 10 Executive Board for active members. These elections will be coming up very soon and your participation will be very much appreciated .Kathy Fowler has been a busy President these last few weeks in getting everything set up.  It is extremely hard to do now since we don’t have the space we had at the old Herb Butler Hall.

Hope to see you at the March meeting.


Zane Payne

To All Retirees,

Your new Dental coverage will be handled through Delta Dental of Michigan. You will need to call them to get a new PPO provider so you can get the best bang for your buck. Their number is     1-800-524-0149.

Your vision coverage will be paid through your Medical carrier. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's number is 1-800-482-2210.  Kaiser Permanente members need to go to kp.org, go to Services, and look up Eye Doctors to see with eye doctor you can go to.

If you are still paying for COBRA vision you will still use Davis Vision. Their number is 1-888-672-8393.

Please remember that you always want to use an IN NETWORK PROVIDER.

Skipper Rish
Retiree Benefit Representative
Region 8

To All UAW/GM Retirees,

This letter is to inform all of our Retirees that if you were born after September 15, 1949, the age creep does not apply to you anymore. Under the new contract, your supplement will be cut at age 62 and a month. I would advise you that if you are going to sign up for Social Security to contact the Social Security department 3 months prior to turning age 62.  The pension center should send you a letter stating this information if it pertains to you. Also, as I am sure most of you have heard, there will be no more Christmas Bonuses to our Retirees or surviving spouses.


Skipper Rish
Retiree Rep

Brothers and Sisters,

We got news from Detroit late Thursday evening that Retirees will receive dental and vision insurance, effective January 1, 2012.  This was welcome news. Please be sure to check the website regularly, as any news and updates will be posted here as we receive them!


Zane Payne
UAW Local 10 Retirees

Brother and Sisters,  

Starting July 1, 2011 in order for any of your Benefit Representatives to check on claims, or information from the VEBA Trust a PHI Form (HIPPA Privacy ACT) must be filled out by you and faxed back both to Blue Cross of Michigan and the VEBA Trust.  You can obtain these forms at the Local 10 Union Hall or from your Benefit Counselors or from me.  The names and numbers of those to contact are as follows: 

Debra Garcia at Local 10 Union Hall  phone-770-457-3128  

Zane Payne, Charles Riley, Bobby Bell or Fred Howard at the I.B.E.W. Drop-in-Center  phone-404-688-9225  

My number is 404-524-5157  

Please remember without these authorization forms none of us will be able to assist you with you problems.  

Thank you,

Skipper Rish

Brothers and Sisters,

I have been informed that the UAW Trust will begin a dependent audit only for Retirees that have children or stepchildren ages 19 through 26.  Starting in mid June cards will be mailed out to Retirees informing them of the upcoming audit. At the end of June, verification letters about the documents required will be mailed out.  If you do not respond by mid July a reminder letter will come to you. On September 1, 2011, if the proper documents haven't been sent back, you will get a termination letter canceling your child. The documents you need to send are as follows:

Proof of Residency
1040 Tax Return
Birth Certificate


As soon as you receive your card go ahead and send in all the proper documents.


Skipper Rish
Special Assigned Retiree Rep
Region 8

If you would like to receive email notifications from us regarding news, events, updates, and Funeral Notifications, please call the Union Hall at (770) 457-3128 or email your information to kfowler@local10retirees.com.  Once we have your email address we will add it to the mailing list.

Dear Brother and Sister Retirees,

If any of you have any changes in your life, such as a death of a spouse, change of address, remove or add a dependent, or change your healthcare plan, you must contact our healthcare provider (Hewitt) so that they can update their system.  Hewitt is the provider for our Veba Trust Fund account.  the number is 1-(866)-637-7555.  Their hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm.  You will also need to contact the GM Benefit Center so your pensions won't get messed up.  That number is 1-(800)-489-4646 (Fidelity). 

We have mentioned this at the retiree meetings numerous times, but if you are not sure who your beneficiary is please contact Fidelity and request a new beneficiary form.  Fill the form out and mail it back.  The new form will replace your old one with the correct person that you designate as the person you want to leave your life insurance to.  If you have a computer you can also update you beneficiary form online. 

In about a month you will be receiving a letter from the Trust about upcoming changes on healthcare issues.  Please read the letter as there will be important changes for the upcoming year 2011.


Skipper Rish
Retiree Rep
Region 8

The new GM Retiree website Socrates went live on May 3, 2010 with additional functionality and features not available for public viewing.  This new website allows Retirees to access enhanced benefit information, announcements, notices, exclusive GM marketplace offers/discounts, club information, GM news, and product information.

The new GM Retiree website is a secure site that is password protected.  The registration process will ask Retirees to provide the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number, Zip Code, Birth Month, and Birth Day to confirm their identity as a GM Retiree.  In addition, they will be required to provide a valid email address so they can receive Retiree E-News as well as information on local GM events and activities.

To view this website please go to  www.gmretiree.com


Skipper Rish


Medco is now offering special rates on certain mail order drugs, as low as $10.00 for 90 day supply.  For more information on your specific medication call Medco at 1-(800)-464-4679 or visit Medco on the web at www.medco.com and sign in.

This notice is in response to the many calls we have gotten from retirees wanting to know if DentFirst was going to continue to give a break on dental services. Today we received a call from a representative from DentFirst and they have made a decision not to give us the same write off that we have had with them since they opened their doors approximately thirty years ago. Their appreciation for your loyalty is if you don't have insurance coverage they will give you a twenty percent discount. I'm sorry that we couldn't get this resolved. If we ever needed a break we sure need it now since we are now forced to pay the premiums. We have other dentists that have agreed to give us the same break that we are accustomed to. We will provide those names and addresses later. 


Zane Payne
Local 10 Retiree Chapter

This message from Skipper Rish:

If anyone needs to verify employment, they can contact the Benefit Servie Center at 1-(800)-489-4646.  We the UAW cannot verify employment.  Please call the number and ask for Other Programs.  This will get you to employment verification. 

Kathy Fowler-President
Richard Hall-Vice President
Claude Willis-Recording Secretary
Michael Cowan-Financial Secretary
Sherri Phillips-Trustee
Bob Humphery-Trustee
Kenny Bradford-Guide
Freddie Sims-Seargant At Arms


Recently we have had many classes offered at the Union Hall paid through your tuition assistance program.  This information is sent to you by mail. If you have not recently received information regarding classes such as computer courses, home inspection, financial planning, etc., this could mean your address is incorrect at the Union Hall. Please update by calling (770) 457-3128.

The GM Doraville Plant Last Reunion Tour on August 9, 2008 was a huge success. Special thanks go to all who attended as well as all of those who volunteered their time to make the tour such a special event. Pictures from the Reunion Tour can now be seen in the News Section.