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Here you will find up to date news, information regarding Retiree benefits, new Retirees, deceased members, Veteran's benefits, and more.

Local 10 Retiree Gwendolyn Williams passed away Monday, December 15, 2014.  Sister Williams came to Local 10 by transferring from Local 34, and during her career at the Doraville plant, worked in the Paint department. Visitation will be held Friday December 19, 2014 from 12pm-8pm at Willie Watkins Funeral Home West End Chapel. Funeral services will be held Saturday December 20, 2014 at 1pm at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, located at 17 Meldon Avenue Southeast, Atlanta GA, 30315. For more information please call (404) 758-1731.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Gwendolyn Williams.

Local 10 Retiree Wallace Nelms passed away Tuesday December 9, 2014.  Visitation will be held Friday December 12, 2014 from 10am-8pm at Gregory B. Levett & Sons Funeral Homes & Crematory in Scottdale GA.  Funeral services will be held Saturday December 13, 2014 at Mt. Zion Church. For more information, please call (404) 294-5500.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Wallace Nelms.

Local 10 Retiree Doris Harvey passed away Sunday, December 7, 2014.  During her career at the Doraville Plant, Sister Harvey worked in the Paint department, and at the time of her retirement, worked in Final Paint.  "We have suffered a great loss with the passing of Sister Doris Harvey.  She was always such a joy to be around, calling all the ladies "Little Dolls", and we could always count on seeing her smiling face at our monthly meetings until her sickness several months ago." said Local 10 President Kathy Fowler. Funeral services will be held Saturday December 13, 2014 at New Hope Baptist Church, located on GA Hwy 26 East  in Montezuma GA.  No visitation is scheduled.  Meadows Funeral Home in Oglethorpe GA is in charge of arrangements. For more information, please call (478) 472-6118.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Doris Harvey.

Local 10 Retirees is now on Facebook! You can visit our Facebook page by clicking here, or simply go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/249162281923853/

The UAW Medical Benefits Trust announced that effective January 1, 2015 “The Trust” will provide Dental and Vision coverage to eligible GM and Chrysler Retirees;  Surviving Spouses and their eligible dependents.

 The covered benefits will be comparable to those provided by the companies prior to the 2009 bankruptcies.

Details will be provided to eligible Retirees this Fall.

If you are paying premiums for COBRA coverage, you should NOT cancel at this time, as the new coverage will NOT  BE EFFECTIVE UNTIL……January 12015.

The Trust will notify you of this change by letter very soon.   PLEASE Read It .

If it says…UAW Medical Benefits Trust …... Read It !

We had a great time today at our Local 10 Retiree’s Annual   Thanksgiving and Christmas  Meeting .

We had about 300 in attendance as old friends gathered for the last meeting of the year. We were joined by our Regional Director Ray Curry who gave us an extensive report about what’s  going on in our Region. It was exciting to hear about the progress at our 2 new Locals in Chattanooga TN  and  Vance AL. Director Curry had some very nice things to say about our retirees at Local 10 and our course he was dead on.

Charlie Flemming President Of the Georgia AFL-CIO gave us a report on the Status of the Georgia Labor Movement .  He talked about how the UAW ran the phone banks during the past elections although we did not win our retirees made over 200,000 calls. He said anytime there was a struggle for Workers Rights anywhere  Local 10 was always there. When he gets a call for action his first call is always to Kathy Fowler at Local 10 and again and again the UAW is there. It makes me proud to know that these 2 great Labor Leaders recognize the dedication of our Local 10 Retiree’s.

Steve Raymon Chevrolet donated 10  $50.00 Gift Certificates  and I had several comments about how nice it was for them to do this. Willie Monroe had Capitol Cadillac on hand and they donated 2 car Details for our raffle.  If you know of any Dealers that might want to donate  gifts to our retirees meetings  tell  them to contact me and I will get Willie Monroe to negotiate a deal with them.

Mark your calendars for next year we meet the 3rd Tuesday each month at 10:30 at the Comfort Inn and Conference Center address 2002 Clearview  Ave just off Buford Highway.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving  and  a Merry Christmas.

Be  Safe.

See You in January,


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If you would like to receive email notifications from us regarding news, events, updates, and Funeral Notifications, please call the Union Hall at (770) 457-3128 or email your information to kfowler@local10retirees.com.  Once we have your email address we will add it to the mailing list.

Dear Brother and Sister Retirees,

If any of you have any changes in your life, such as a death of a spouse, change of address, remove or add a dependent, or change your healthcare plan, you must contact our healthcare provider (Hewitt) so that they can update their system.  Hewitt is the provider for our Veba Trust Fund account.  the number is 1-(866)-637-7555.  Their hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm.  You will also need to contact the GM Benefit Center so your pensions won't get messed up.  That number is 1-(800)-489-4646 (Fidelity). 

We have mentioned this at the retiree meetings numerous times, but if you are not sure who your beneficiary is please contact Fidelity and request a new beneficiary form.  Fill the form out and mail it back.  The new form will replace your old one with the correct person that you designate as the person you want to leave your life insurance to.  If you have a computer you can also update you beneficiary form online. 

This message from Debbie Garcia:

If anyone needs to verify employment, they can contact the Benefit Service Center at 1-(800)-489-4646.  We the UAW cannot verify employment.  Please call the number and ask for Other Programs.  This will get you to employment verification. 

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