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Everyone should have received a notice to update their beneficiary in the mail. If you did not do that I am encouraging each of you to do so. Met. Life is going to pay your life insurance to the beneficiary on record at the time of your death. It might be someone you had on record when you were first employed with G.M. You can order forms to change or update your records by calling 888-543-3461. It might be a good idea to find out how much coverage you have also. I have been asked many times at funeral homes and I can't tell you. I do know that the minimum amount is Three thousand dollars. There is a formula that is used to determine how much your insurance will  decrease to starting at age sixty-five. Your rate of pay plus your years of service figure into determining what your reduced amount will be. We will try to give you important information periodically so check  often or let us know if you want a particular benefit explained.


Zane Payne

Debbie Garcia 
Regional Benefit Representative for Region 8 GM/Delphi Retirees


The credit Union is now located in Sandy Springs

Fidelity Credit Union
6690 Roswell Rd NW Suite 1100
Sandy Springs Ga, 30328

Phone (678) 420-7720

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm

GM Benefits and Services Center  1-(800)-489-4646   

TTY 1-(877)-347-5225

The GM Benefits and Services Center is the best source of information for the programs below:


  • Sickness and Accident Benefits
  • Extended Disability Benefits

Life Insurance

  • Basic Life & Extra Accident
  • Optional Life, Dependent Life & Personal Accident
  • Survivor Income Benefit Insurance

Pension Plan

Personal Savings Plan

Other Programs and Services

  • Reporting a Death
  • Service Awards
  • Survivor Services Unit
  • Wage and Employment Verification

Vehicle Purchase Plan    1-(800)-235-4646                                                                  GM Protection Plan         1-(800)-981-4677                                                             Motors Insurance Corporation (MIC)    1-(800)-642-6464

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Traditional (TCN)    1-(800)-482-2210/ www.bcbs.com                   (If you have Medicare, Medicare is primary and Blue Cross Blue Shield is secondary)

Medco Prescription Drugs  1-(800)-464-4679/ Mail Order 1-(800)-282-2881                        (If you take a maintenance drug,or a drug you take everyday, you must use mail order)

Northwood DME  1-(800)-936-9314                                                                              (For all your durable medical and prosthesis supplies: diabetic supplies, oxygen, wheelchairs, stockings, walkers, etc. If you use an out of network provider, you will be liable for 100% of the charged amount.)

Care Line  1-(800)-235-2302/ Dwayne Truitt-UAW Work and Family  (770)-455-5381          (For mental health and substance abuse coverage through CIGNA Healthcare.)

Davis Vision  1-(888)-672-8393                                                                                   (For routine eye exams, lenses, and frames.)

Delta Dental  1-(800)-524-0149                                                                                   (For dental services: cleaning, x-rays, fillings, crowns, dentures, etc.  Group # for retirees is 5470-0999/ Group # for surviving spouses is 5470-0998.)

UAW/GM   Legal Service         (404)-248-0808   

Medicare                                1-(800)-633-4227

Social Security                        1-(800)-772-1213